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Durga Puja

Durga Puja, one of the oldest ritual in Hindu Mythology has since long migrated away from its traditional way of worship only in the temples, to the public domain and has become synonymous with festivity. The ritual finds its mention in ancient books and scriptures in the entire South Asian subcontinent spreading as far as temples of Cambodia. Hindus believe their religion started when time started and the myth goes like: At the beginning of civilization dark age befall the earth, demons started ruling, there was no rule of law. God, being the ultimate savior of mankind and the universe, gave their powers and created Goddess Durga who fought an epic battle with the demons and finally killed all of them restoring peace and sanity. Since then millions of devotees worship her as a symbol of triumph of good over evil and pray for wellbeing of mankind, pray for keeping us in the direction of enlightenment and away from darkness.

In India the four days of festivity takes the shape of true carnival specially in the eastern part of the country. Deewali (the festival of light), Holi (the festival of color) and Durgapuja are the three most celebrated festivals in India. The normal routines just stops and people from all walks of life join the celebration irrespective of their status, faith or religious affinity.

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